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Q: ahh you're insanely talented. I'm 15 and i've always liked to draw but i've never been serious about it because, well, i'm like supppeerrr lazy so i just wanted to say how inspiring your determination and maturity is! keep up the great work xx


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Q: how do you do that pink thing to your drawings its pretty

Most of the time I add it in digitally, sometimes ill do it with paint pen or watercolour

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Q: what kind of pencil do you use? x

I like to use a 4 or 6b mont marte graphite pencil for the majority of the drawing but for lighter areas I might fill will a 2b

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Q: how to shade? whenever i shade it always ends up so sucky and bleh :( your shading is so ace

I shade using my finger, paper and by drawing think lines across an area

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Q: I was wondering if you followed any other art blogs that are similar to yours? x

My friend lucy garland is a very talented woman!! you can find her tumblr at, her instagram at lucygarland and her big cartel is

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Q: I don't mean to sound stupid, but how do you draw guidelines? I feel like a good drawing always has a great structure, but for the structure to be created seems to be the hardest part of all for me. With that, I am incredibly jealous of how you do so, so well !

You can’t expect to get it right the first time, it takes so much practice!! I attended this art course at the Dobell school of arts in Sydney, it taught me how to measure the distance between features on the face using your pencil held at arms length and also other techniques and guidelines when mapping the proportion, structure and planes of the head. Im sure there is heaps of information on the internet about this. But here are some guidelines that can be used-

-the eye level is generally 1/2 way down the face

-the eyebrow, the nose and the chin sit at equal thirds from the hairline

- draw the eye socket, using the eyebrow line as the top, using angles 

-the position of the mouth is usually 1/2 way between the nose and chin 

-observe closely all angles and planes, try and draw lines using angles (no curves expect for the basic mapping of the eye level, centre axis, hairline etc) this will help with creating the right shape and shadowing etc. 

I hope this has helped! good luck <3

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Q: No question but you give me buzz with all the advice you give unselfishly. Well done

This is really nice! it means a lot that people appreciate it :)

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Q: beautifull


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